Free Shipping Within U.S.
Free Shipping Within U.S.

When we first decided to embark in this new adventure, we knew the only way we could do it is if we were also giving back. We decided that every product we sold would have a social component to it. Our jewelry line supports GiGi’s Playhouse San Diego, a Down Syndrome Achievement Center. Our artisan products support the artisans that make them. Our bags are not only made of recyclable plastic but they support a women’s cancer foundation where they pay $4 to receive screenings and treatment if necessary. 

Then we have our eyewear. We decided to carry independent brands, carefully crafted with the finest materials. Amongst them, we carry Moscot, Garrett Leight, Andy Wolf, Article One and Salt. So how would we give back? We sought out the help of our good friends at Optica Buena Vista in El Salvador. Together we‘re working on reaching schools in rural areas, often forgotten or left without any medical presence.

We were lucky enough carry out our first eyewear campaign in a small school in Guazapa. We provided eye exams and prescription glasses to everyone who needed them, all free of cost; serving  more than 80 students, staff members and their parents. 

Did you know that “correcting vision in primary school students has a significant impact on test scores; in some cases it’s the equivalent of a third to a half year of additional schooling”? (WEF & Eyellince 2016)

 So next time you need a pair of sunglasses, or looking for a gift, shop with us. Support us so we can continue to support our causes!