Free Shipping Within U.S.
Free Shipping Within U.S.
  1. How do I take care of my sunglasses? Our eyewear is made of high quality acetates and premium metals - here are a few tips to help keep them looking sharp! 
    a) Try to carry your sunglasses in a case whenever you are not wearing them. 
    b) To keep them in shape, always use both hands when taking them off.
    c) Never place them face down onto any surface. 
    d) Do not place them over your head as it may distort the shape and will contract any oils or gels that you may use on your hair. 
    e) Do not use your shirt to clean. Shirt can be dirty or made of an abrasive fabric that can scratch lenses. 
    f) Use the cleaning cloth provided when purchased and use a gentle solution to clean (cleaning cloth can be washed using bleach-free detergent and no fabric softener - hang dry).   

  2. How do I measure my face for glasses? You can always visit our location for a one on one fitting but if you have a pair on hand that fits you comfortably and how you like it, look for the numbers inside the temple. Two, sometimes three numbers appear which tell you the size (in mm). First number is the diameter of the lens, second number is the bridge width and if there is a third number, that is the length of the temple. Frames with a lens diameter less than 50mm and a nose bridge between 15-17mm are considered small/narrow frames. 

    If you do not have a pair on hand, measure your face from temple to temple with a ruler. That measurement will give you the total length for an appropriate frame (i.e. a measurement of 119mm will fit a medium size frame which can be a 49mm size lens and a 21mm bridge). 

  3. Can I buy prescription glasses from you? At the moment, we are unable to fulfill prescriptions but we do sell frames which you can take to your doctor.