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Free Shipping Within U.S.

Buena Vista + Perspective is a social partnership between Optica Buena Vista in El Salvador and Perspective Eyewear in La Jolla, California. It’s focus is to bring eyeglasses to those in need. Every time you purchase a pair of glasses (both frames or shades), Perspective Eyewear will donate a pair to someone in need.

El Salvador is a country where we have seen first hand its beauty as well as its struggles. We met wonderful people and vowed to help in any way we could - this was the perfect opportunity!

We sought out the help of our good friends at Optica Buena Vista, and without hesitating they joined our cause. Together we’ll travel to rural areas often forgotten or left without any medial presence. We seek to help out in places where children would have never received the necessary medical attention, even with conditions that go beyond the common vision problems.

Your purchase is giving someone else the gift of sight! How amazing is that?!