Perspective is a powerful word. It is something personal. Something that only you control and no one can take it away from you. It’s #YourPerspective.

Every adventure, every decision, every memory made, builds into #YourPerspective.

Life will throw you curve balls, opportunities, forks in the road - how you choose to view them is up to you. It’s #YourPerspective. You can choose a rosy tint or a blue tint, sometimes you switch back and forth. It’s in your hands, it’s your power. #YourPerspective is up to you!

Plus, #PerspectiveOnProspect has a nice ring to it!

As you’ve noticed, our name and logo share the letter ‘e’. It’s two ‘E’, back to back:

In such a busy world, we must remember to stop and share with others to build real connections that are such an integral part of humanity. As humans, we must rely on each other to make this world a better place. We need to help others, letting them know we’ve got their backs!

From one we serve the purpose of two. This is were you come in. Every time you purchase a pair of glasses (both frames or shades), someone in need will get prescription glasses they so badly need but would otherwise have never received.